[op25-dev] Repeater vs Decoder Code

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Fri Nov 1 14:46:50 UTC 2013

I have put together a C++  based decoder P25 CAI audio (https://github.com/robotastic/smartnet-recorder/blob/master/logging_receiver_p25.cc https://github.com/robotastic/smartnet-recorder/blob/master/logging_receiver_p25.cc)  based off the usrp_rx.py file and using the C blocks in /blocks http://groups.yahoo.com/trac/wiki.png/browser/trunk/blocks?order=name/src http://groups.yahoo.com/trac/wiki.png/browser/trunk/blocks/src?order=name/lib http://groups.yahoo.com/trac/wiki.png/browser/trunk/blocks/src/lib?order=name. It using a lot of CPU though. Are the C code blocks for the Repeater any diferent? Should I try building off of those instead?
 My basic app is recording a SmartNet system. It follows the trunking control channel and the creates loggers to capture the audio from a talkgroup and saves it to WAV file. Right now it is using DSD which has been shoehorned into a GR Block, but I would much rather use OP25. Unfortunately the DSD implementation allows for about 7 concurrent recordings, and I am only able to get about 2-3 using OP25 on a quad core machine. I am sure the fault is on my end, I just want to make sure I am using the best code to base my stuff off of, before I begin trying to track down my problems.
  - Luke
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