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 OK so when you compile and run 'make install' for the op25 software you now know where the compiled results get put.  No idea what's going wrong for you, but note this
  1) The directory from which you run 'make' (and its subdirectories such as src/lib etc) are where you should look to change source code such as .cc files or .h files
  2) you should be able to grab a log of the compilation process and which files it's compiling etc
  3) you should look at the timestamps of the files that get installed in /usr/local/lib to confirm they've been updated each time you recompile

 Given that you apparently successfully compiled it the first time in order to install it, you should not have that much trouble recompiling ... In worst case as a test you can rm the file /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gnuradio/_op25.so.  This should render your install inoperative until you re-install.  The intent of the test is to prove that you're recompiling successfully.




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 > Try running the following command to see if there is a version of
 > op25 located in /usr/local
 > find /usr/local | grep op25
 > If there are file(s) found - use the 'ls -l' command to determine
 > the file date(s)
 > ls -l 'find /usr/local | grep op25` [note backticks]
 > Generally you must run 'make install' at the end of your build
 > process which should update the relevant files within
 > /usr/local/lib - if you're trying to run a local copy of these
 > modules from your home directory you'd have to have set that up
 > properly, I've not had experience with that
 > Max
 thanks, yeah every-time i change some code i do:
 ./bootstrap && ./configure && make
 make check
 sudo make install
 i did what you said above and i get:
 matt at matt-Inspiron-1525:~$ find /usr/local | grep op25
 matt at matt-Inspiron-1525:~$ ls -l 'find /usr/local | grep op25
 and it just blinks at the prompt.
 i dont know? what is this telling us ?
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