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 Try running the following command to see if there is a version of op25 located in /usr/local

 find /usr/local | grep op25

 If there are file(s) found - use the 'ls -l' command to determine the file date(s)
 ls -l 'find /usr/local | grep op25`     [note backticks]


 Generally you must run 'make install' at the end of your build process which should update the relevant files within /usr/local/lib - if you're trying to run a local copy of these modules from your home directory you'd have to have set that up properly, I've not had experience with that



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 > The code is not easy to follow and I'd hesitate to make definitive 
 > assertions about it, but the pickle data appears to originate from
 > this code in hdu.cc
 > std::string hdu::snapshot() const { pickle p; p.add("duid",
 > duid_str()); p.add("nac", nac_str()); p.add("mfid", mfid_str()); 
 > p.add("algid", algid_str()); p.add("kid", kid_str()); p.add("mi",
 > mi_str()); p.add("tgid", tgid_str()); return p.to_string(); }
 right i commented this out, rebiult and i still get the updates in the
 UI and the bad pointer error from the snapshot function. if indeed
 this is where the data originates, then there are two possiblities:
 (1) i am commenting out the code in a file that is not used at run
 time. i am unclear as to how this could be becuase i was under the
 impression that the source used by the program is in
 home/op25/blocks/src/lib which is where the script on osmo puts it and
 that is where i am doing the modifications;
 and (2) the second possibility is that the interpreter is still
 executing the commented out code, which seems pretty unlikely.
 so lets say #1 from above is what is going on. where and how exactly
 can i make changes to the code??? or find out where the src files the
 program that is running are really biult from? im sorry if this is a
 super rookie question but . . . obviously i am stuck here.
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