[op25-dev] RE: memory error turns weird

Matt D md123 at nycap.rr.com
Thu Oct 24 14:47:17 UTC 2013

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On 10/24/2013 09:52 AM, ikj1234i at yahoo.com wrote:
> Matt
> What program are you running when you receive this error?  Are you 
> running a stock version of op25?

i built from the latest version of source from the svn trunk at osmo.
run wit the gnu-radio companion. i installed gr-baz as well which
brought back the old traffic pane. the stock version does not get the
lcw out of the the data units, only some out of the HDU. so i made
some code to get at those bits, do the error correction, and use the
snapshot() to ut the pickled data on the queue to the UI.  then that
error started coming to light. sometimes it takes days, literally, and
sometimes op25 gives those last words within minutes of starting.  but
its always during a reception.  so i starting trying to find out about
it, using gdb and the like.  so it looks like the snapshot() is
starting the error.  so to try to verify that guess i commented out
the snapshot function in the data unit code, still seeing the error.
commented out the pickle, and still getting data in the UI.  ¿¿ how
can this be ??

i am changing code in home/op25/blocks/src/lib and rebiulding, i
should see the changes at run time right?  i dont know what is going
on here; the only thing i can think is that the files i am working on
are not realavent to what is running when i start the program. but how
could that be? the svn script put the op25 dir in my home dir and that
is it.  i didnt do anything else to put the src code anywhere else.


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