[op25-dev] Re: Correct decoder: op25_decoder_ff.cc or op25_decoder_bf.cc

Steve Glass stevie.glass at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 02:12:22 UTC 2013

There is an effort to clean up code on going at the moment - the main
reason being 3.7 compatibility but there's some unnecessary complexity
and a lot of cruft that needs to be removed. As far as I can recall
the code should be re-entrant - the static and global (if any) data
are almost always const - and Pavel's imbe decoder was modified to
remove static state.

You'll need something like an analysis filterblock at the head of the
chain and then maybe a squelch to avoid processing where no signal is
present for a given channel. The area in which I live is finally about
to go digital and a Government Wireless Network installed at a cost of
- amazingly - 452m$. So that means trunking and I am keen to improve
things and get trunking support working properly. As always time is a
precious resource but I've lots I want to get done and the prospect of
having signals to receive makes it much more attractive use of my

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