[op25-dev] Correct decoder: op25_decoder_ff.cc or op25_decoder_bf.cc

trinmole lukekb at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 14:49:20 UTC 2013

I am trying to use the OP25 blocks for a C++ program. I have everything running fine as a .GRC. I also have a makefile to bundle everything up into a library.

I am confused which C++ blocks I should be using - should it be op25_fsk4_demod_ff.cc connected to op25_decoder_ff.cc ?

op25_decoder_ff.h get exported to /usr/include/ however only op25_decoder_bf.cc is included in the Makefile.am

There is no op25_fsk_demod_fb.cc so I am not sure how I would connect the decoder_bf block in.

What are the correct C++ blocks to use to replicate the "OP25 FSK4 Demod" & "OP25 Deocder" Python Blocks?

Are there any C++ programs I could use as an example?

Thanks for any pointers!

 - Luke

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