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As to the specific question about throttling - having a throttle block in a flow graph should /only/ be done if there is no hardware source or sink (usrp or soundcard).  If the throttle block is in the flow graph at the same time as a hardware block you have the two-clocks problem.

As for optimal sample rates using the USRP the slowest rate supported by the hardware (i.e., the highest decimation rate) is still more than enough for recording/capture of P25.  2M is overkill unless you're trying to capture an entire band 2 MHz wide.

In playing back a file and displaying the result in a GUI is the case where you need a software throttle...


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> Hi guys!  I am wondering what is the optimal sampling rate for capturing of P25 transmissions.  My main problem (aside from not getting audio) is that, while I can successfully capture at upwards of 2.0M, I can only play back at around 56k without greying out the gui.  I am a little confused about this because I thought the throttle would control the clock speed for play back.  Any suggestions on configuring the settings would be greatly appreciated.
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