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Tue Feb 26 22:56:51 UTC 2013

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> I thought the USRP_TX app was only for that hardware. I want to use
> a conventional radio, just as you described, for both P25 and NBFM.
> So sign me up as as experimenter wanting to try that!

Right.  I've just pushed a new app - soundcard_tx.py for exactly that purpose.  The wiki page for the repeater has been updated at the end of the page to add info about the soundcard TX app.

Right now there still are the older apps for doing soundcard P25 TX (but lacking asterisk integration).  These older apps use a more conservative method for generating the modulation waveforms, and the soundcard TX app uses a trickier method.  Accordingly the former apps should be the first ones selected for testing if unsure.

As for the issue about using the same radio to tx both analog NBFM and P25 (but obviously not at the same time) the first question that would need to be resolved is how to choose the mode and how to identify it to the software.  The actual choice should probably be made somewhere in the asterisk world - but I'm not at all sure about that...  Comments please...     In the actual implementation it probably won't hard to add analog FM support to soundcard_tx.py (how to choose which mode is the tough part).

I think the developers of app_rpt *hate* soundcards - not sure if that's because they also sell the analog repeater/adapter/controller boards for app_rpt use.  The USRP and friends will one day put that entire class of hardware into the same bin as the horse and buggy...



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