[op25-dev] Re: Full asterisk support?

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Mon Feb 25 15:11:28 UTC 2013


                Thanks! It was in the pre-requisites so I had to ask, I am
unable to find both the sdcc and sdcc -libraries in the same revision number
so not sure if it is going to be an issue. Not planning on using USRP at
this point so I guess if GNURadio builds ok, it is probably moot.

                I have a bunch of usb sound fobs from D-Star stuff that have
high resolution DACS so hope they will work OK. We ran into trouble in GMSK
with crosstalk in them when trying to use one for TX and RX so ended up
splitting up to use 2 separate ones for TX and RX.


                I will continue compiling tonight and see what happens.. 


                Is the IT++ stuff need for USRP only too??? I am having
trouble searching it++ in messages as it gives me everything with "it" in it







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> errors on SDCC and SDCC-libraries on a fresh Debian build. Is the system
particular about versions of those? 

We don't use SDCC in op25 at all (AFAIK).

The requirement comes from gnuradio itself and (again, IIRC) is used to
build some stuff for the 8051 chip needed by the USRP layers... It's
probably kosher to get a standard version of SDCC, but not sure...


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