[op25-dev] Re: Full asterisk support?

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Mon Feb 25 14:43:09 UTC 2013

   I am going to throw my hat in too as a test site...

  I have been copying the mail on this group for a while but had not really caught the fact that the project was repeater capable. I have a station that I can direct FM down pretty much to DC... ( Mastr III) ex-edacs station. It has modulation ports I have been using for GMSK for D-Star to date using sound FOBS. I am going to try to build all this but have a steep learning curve as I have not even ever built the GNU radio parts.. So maybe I can also be a test bed. I do have a P25 analyzer for setup. ( I maintain  P25 systems (among other things)for a living ) I have some dedicated Atom rack mount servers for building on..
When I built pre-re4quisits last night I had errors on SDCC and SDCC-libraries on a fresh Debian build. Is the system particular about versions of those? or just go get what I can find?? My Debian box was building GNU radio stuff when I went to bed.. so I will get back to it tonight..

I never really introduced myself here just been lurking... I am an LMR systems engineer for a living and work on public safety P25 systems.. but am an extra ham who likes to tinker.. P25 has always been a goal, as P25 cards upgrades for my Mastr III station would run about $8000.00 if I did it the Harris way :-)



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