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> Well I did not get real far�. Acid is built on Centos 5.x and I was trying
> to root up the GNURadio prerequisites and finding that rpm support for them
> stopped well before the desired versions in the RHEL5.x platform.

Is ACID a pre-built distro of asterisk or something?  

I didn't use ACID, I found it easier to build the Jim Dixon app_rpt version of asterisk from sources - there shouldn't be a lot of pre-reqs.  [http://ohnosec.org/drupal/node/6]

Once the directory is unpacked, just do the usual ./configure && make && sudo make install first from the zaptel directory then from the asterisk directory.  This will give you a solid command-line (no gui) version of asterisk with the latest app_rpt, you can also do "sudo make samples" from the asterisk directory to install the sample * config files.  Most folks I know who've tried them don't like the various * gui's (ymmv).

Before doing this you just need to copy the two "USRP" channel driver files (chan_usrp.c and chan_usrp.h) from the op25 source tree to the proper * directory (as described in the repeater wiki page).

> As Allstar seems to be in a repository format I am thinking it may be easier
> to build it over something newer that has RPM support for the newer version
> of the pre-requisites  than source building everything over the older
> versions of 5.x
> So I started on a basic Desktop install of CentOS 6.x and am trying to get
> the GNU parts in. Most seem to be in new enough RPM form and many are in the
> base CentOS repository at 6.x platform.
>                 One of the issues I see with ACID build is lack of GUI and
> GUI parts which seem to hook into the GNURadio and/or op25 stuff. 

The hook is that the driver modules must be installed before building asterisk app_rpt (see above and RTFM the wiki)

> So I am
> going to see how far I get that way�
> If I can build the GNURadio pre-requisites and compile it, I will then
> attack app_rpt next.. if both of those fly, last will be op25.
>                 We have a chicken/egg thing as ACID wants to be the core
> system and GNURadio/op25 want to be the core system parts built in a GUI. 

There really isn't any conflict here - even assuming for argument's sake you wanted to use the * GUI (which I've chosen not to). If you run asterisk/app_rpt under a GUI it gives you a window through which you can "manage" asterisk.  When you run, say, the soundcard_tx app from the op25 side in order to drive the soundcard TX in P25 mode, there is an (optional) GUI window that the soundcard app furnishes - consisting of the "C4FM" oscilloscope and a "File"->"Exit" button.

Both of these would simply sit on your desktop - each in its own window.  There is no fight over primacy - both are completely separate apps.  In fact these two apps (asterisk/app_rpt and soundcard_tx) might run on completely separate machines.  Regardless of whether they're on the same machine or not, they use UDP ports for communication...

>                 One path or the other is going to work but as no one else is
> chiming in here I am guessing no one has a better CURRENT solution than the
> 2010-ish  publishing�s. 
>                 Building all the modules from source means stepping through
> a mine field so I would rather use rpm�s when I can that are made for the
> versions we are trying to use.
>                 BTW CentOS 6.x is default installed with Python 2.6.x
> already�

Generally speaking I suspect life would be a lot easier when using python 2.6 than 2.4

> Doug 



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