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contrapezist contrapezist at sportogs.com
Sun Feb 3 16:11:59 UTC 2013

Hello all,

They accepted my request for membership (what were they thinking). So Im just going to jump right in and see what if anything I can contribute and try to not ask too many silly questions. 

Altho P25 isnt my main area of interest it is something to work with as there is a P25 system locally with a combination of clear and ADP encrypted traffic on it. Being the nosey type I am like to see whats going on with the system.

As for myself an electrical engineer currently working in broadcast television. Not much of a programmer have done a bit of c for microchip pic in recent years and linux is something I havnt played with in 15 or more years so a bit rusty. I do speak fluent cisco and have a way of scavenging nice hardware. The corprate IT dept is in our building and its a revolving door they give about 4 years at the outside before turning down a system. Currently sitting on an IBM x455 cluster that really needs something to do other than track satellites :) Trying to latch on to the blade centers but they still have signifigant value and are easy to ship. Thats me in a nut house I mean nut shell reading thru the threads and site trying to get something workable to start and take it from there.


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