[op25-dev] OP25 and WireShark Help

Robert Klamp Jr. RobertKlamp at aol.com
Wed Jan 30 06:07:02 UTC 2013

How do I apply the attachment, I click on it and it takes me to a yahoo page
that says   Yahoo! <http://www.yahoo.com>  - Help <http://help.yahoo.com>
HTTP Status 404 - type Status report message description The requested
resource () is not available.  I can't even copy the file from the email to
my desktop or directory, I know I must be missing something. Please I may
need a little extra help with this, I have no idea what I am doing when it
comes to Ubuntu.





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Ok, then you will need to build gr-fsk4.


I suggest you ditch the version you are working with and try the attached
instead. I've already made the necessary fixes. We have a version we've
adopted but are only using it for the usrp code - its another thing we need
to fix.



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