[op25-dev] "NameError: global name 'msgq' is not defined" in audio_p25_rx.py

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Fri Aug 24 14:32:36 UTC 2012

could you please paste the entire backtrace


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Subject: [op25-dev] "NameError: global name 'msgq' is not defined" in audio_p25_rx.py

I'm new to GNURadio and OP25, and am facing the above error when trying to run audio_p25_rx.py.

How I installed: On Ubuntu 10.04, I installed GNURadio 3.6, ensured that the prerequisites on the BeginnersBuild page were installed, then installed and built OP25, the imbe_vocoder, and then the repeater as instructed on the BuildInstructions page. Also installed gr-fsk4. I had put in the following symlink to get over some gruel problems while trying to build gr-fsk4:
$ln -s /usr/local/include/gruel/swig/gruel_common.i /usr/local/include/gnuradio/swig/gruel_common.i

Now I am stuck with the msgq error. 

I'd like to know if the build is expected to work with gnuradio 3.6. and whether audio_p25_rx.py can be executed without any input, just to make sure the OP25 build works. (I understand that in gnuradio 3.6 the usrpm folder has been deprecated and that seems to be giving rise to other Not Found errors for other scripts...)

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Don't mind going to Gnuradio 3.2.2 if that will make life simpler.

Thanks - Ram

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