[op25-dev] Building under Ubuntu 12.04 - blocks gives error "op25.cc:3115:13: error: 'ptrdiff_t' does not name a type"

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Richard Clarke richard at clarke.biz
Wed May 2 03:09:49 UTC 2012

OK I've just upgraded my Ubuntu box to 12.04, from 11.04 (couldn't help
myself). I'm trying to rebuild op25 but I'm getting the following error,
followed by a string of relate ones (I'm guessing)

Compiling blocks:

op25.cc:3115:13: error: 'ptrdiff_t' does not name a type

A Google search for this kind of error seems to be pointing to stricter
typedef requirements by gcc 4.6 with the solution being to include an
additional system header file cstddef. However I'm not sure where to
include this in the op25 source. I tried putting it in the op25.i swig
interface file so that it ends up in the generated op25.cc file however
that doesn't appear to have worked.

Anyone already solved this or can provide some guidance? Ubuntu 12.04
appears to be using gcc 4.6.3


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