[op25-dev] difference between op25.decoder_bf and op25.decoder_ff

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bdapriv01 bdapriv01 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 21:48:19 UTC 2012


Whats the difference between these 2? 

I'm new to Gnuradio & python to be honest; I'm writing my own ap25 listener for the funcube...

So far, I've got my software tuning,  FM decoding, and then sending data into the FSK4 decoder; I can see it fine tuning.. but I don't get anything out of the decoder_bf function.

Is there any easy way, to debug what its doing?? 

Digging around in code there doesn't seem to be much debugging.

I did create some network sinks, and forward the output of the FM demod to a a scope inside gnuradio companion.. the signal looks like FSK4 with the funky phase changes.


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