Unable to load module chan_dect.so in Asterisk

Blago Blagoev blagodarno at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 12:30:11 UTC 2012


I do all instructions of
with last versions kernel, libnl, libdect, dectmon.

When finish all  configurations I got a dect-stack of hard-working
But chan_dect.so module asterisk would not load correctly.
Here  http://dect.osmocom.org/trac/dect/blog/kaber-2011/11/04/linux_31_merged
I read that the module is still not should work for P640j (Wideband)

So I went back to version kernel 2.6.39-DECT and older versions of the
libnl and libdect. As far as I understand, these versions do not
support P640j (Wideband)
and an asterisk to them should work fine?

I have successfully created DECT cluster, cell, transceiver on the
old-version soft:

root at debian:~/dect/old/work# ./dect-cluster-list
1: DECT Cluster cluster0:
        Mode: FP
        PARI: class A (residential) EMC: 045d FPN: 00d1c
root at debian:~/dect/old/work# ./dect-cell-list
1: DECT Cell cell0 at cluster0:
root at debian:~/dect/old/work# ./dect-transceiver-list
DECT Transceiver trx0 at cell0:
        Type: sc1442x
        RF-band: 00008
        Events: busy: 0 late: 0

root at debian:~/dect/old/work#

When I start the daemon Asterix in debug mode i can see the next:

 root at debian:/var/log/asterisk# asterisk -vvvc
  == Registered channel type 'DECT' (Digital Enhanced Cordless
Telecommunications (DECT))
  == Registered application 'DectUserAuth'
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/dect.conf':   == Found
    -- Registered extension context 'dect_register'; registrar: DECT
dect_netlink_init: Protocol mismatch
[Nov  1 13:55:45] ERROR[1734]: chan_dect.c:2336 dect_load_module:
Unable to initialize DECT handle
  == Unregistered channel type 'DECT'

Who can help?

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