Change in osmo-gbproxy[master]: gbproxy: Avoid sending STATUS on unexpected BLOCK_ACK

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Mon Sep 27 12:48:18 UTC 2021

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Change subject: gbproxy: Avoid sending STATUS on unexpected BLOCK_ACK

Patch Set 1:

Commit Message: 
PS1, Line 12: 
> I think unsolicited ACKs are typically ignored by many protocols. […]
The spec only mentions ACKs for existing BVCs, it says nothing about ACKs for BVCs that we know nothing about. 
File src/gb_proxy.c: 
PS1, Line 1378: 			break;
> it is indeed a bit inconsistent that an UNBLOCK_ACK or RESET_ACK are now handled significantly diffe […]
Agreed, I'll think about this more. Also the rate counter that is increased is completely wrong (invalid RAI, see comment below).

I could keep a list of BVCIs that are gone (but were blocked towards the SGSN). Then we can ignore/accept only the BLOCK_ACKs that we care about and properly reject all others. 
PS1, Line 1497: 	rate_ctr_inc(rate_ctr_group_get_ctr(cfg->ctrg, GBPROX_GLOB_CTR_INV_RAI));
see here

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