Change in osmo-pcu[master]: Add stats: pcu.bts.N.pdch.occupied.gprs/egprs

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Thu Sep 16 19:10:25 UTC 2021

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Change subject: Add stats: pcu.bts.N.pdch.occupied.gprs/egprs

Patch Set 2: Code-Review-1

File src/pdch.h: 
PS2, Line 81: 	void num_tbfs_update(gprs_rlcmac_tbf *tbf, enum tbf_type type, bool is_attach);
type should be known from tbf, no need to pass it? 
File src/pdch.cpp: 
PS2, Line 1065: 	enum tbf_type type = tbf->is_egprs_enabled() ? TBF_TYPE_EGPRS : TBF_TYPE_GPRS;
why aren't you calling tbf->is_egprs_enabled() inside num_tbfs_update()!? 
File src/tbf.h: 
PS2, Line 90: 	TBF_TYPE_GPRS,
No need for this! 
File src/tbf.cpp: 
PS2, Line 773: 	for (int ts = 0; ts < 8; ts++) {
what about using ARRAY_SIZE(pdch) here instead of 8? 
PS2, Line 779: 		if (direction == GPRS_RLCMAC_DL_TBF && pdch[ts]->dl_tbf_by_tfi(m_tfi) != this)
why are the last 2 if conditions needed? if pdch[ts] it means it's attached right? no need to do this second check you do here.

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