Change in osmo-trx[master]: detectBurst(): constify parameter

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Thu Sep 2 17:53:08 UTC 2021

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Change subject: detectBurst(): constify parameter

detectBurst(): constify parameter

Change-Id: I3d8738b492a175f2ef0c570579e335e7b7695694
M Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.cpp
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

  Jenkins Builder: Verified
  dexter: Looks good to me, but someone else must approve
  laforge: Looks good to me, approved

diff --git a/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.cpp b/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.cpp
index ff5e32f..fa8a407 100644
--- a/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.cpp
+++ b/Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.cpp
@@ -1461,7 +1461,7 @@
  * It is computed from the training sequence of each received burst,
  * by comparing the "ideal" training sequence with the actual one.
-static float computeCI(const signalVector *burst, CorrelationSequence *sync,
+static float computeCI(const signalVector *burst, const CorrelationSequence *sync,
                        float toa, int start, complex xcorr)
   float S, C;
@@ -1492,7 +1492,7 @@
  * and we run full interpolating peak detection.
 static int detectBurst(const signalVector &burst,
-                       signalVector &corr, CorrelationSequence *sync,
+                       signalVector &corr, const CorrelationSequence *sync,
                        float thresh, int sps, int start, int len,
                        struct estim_burst_params *ebp)

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