Change in libosmocore[master]: gprs_ns2_vc_fsm: rename state UNCONFIGURED -> DISABLED

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Fri Jul 9 15:09:40 UTC 2021

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Change subject: gprs_ns2_vc_fsm: rename state UNCONFIGURED -> DISABLED

Patch Set 2:

> Patch Set 2:
> > Patch Set 1:
> > 
> > > Patch Set 1:
> > > 
> > > I'm not sure/convinced that 'unconfigured' is a wrong name.  Why would "unconfigured" only happen at start-up?  What event is causing it to become unconfigured later on again, and why is the name wrong? Is it still in some way "configured" while in that state?
> > 
> > Original the unconfigured was just the initial state. Later a vty command for testing was introduced. And now the frame relay is forcing all NSVC into the unconfigured state when the DLCI become unavailable.
> A bit more bike shedding, but to me "disabled" sounds like some active intervention is needed before the NSVC can be used again. "Unconfigured" as a state name sounds fine to me, or maybe something like "initial", "inactive"

Maybe standby?

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