Change in osmo-bsc[master]: handover_ctrl: add control interface for handover settings

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Mon Jul 5 21:42:37 UTC 2021

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Change subject: handover_ctrl: add control interface for handover settings

Patch Set 6:

File include/osmocom/bsc/handover_cfg.h: 
PS6, Line 264: 		"handover2 min-free-slots tch-h\0") \
you should not need to include '\0' because a terminating nul is present in every string constant 
File src/osmo-bsc/handover_ctrl.c: 
PS6, Line 32: /* Verify a VTY command argument against its value specification, the value
Here we could add:

 In handover_cfg.h the config items are described in VTY syntax. To be able to use those here
 in the CTRL interface, we parse the config arguments like the VTY would. 
Hm, I don't understand how this works.

so CTRL_CMD is mostly "", so the name becomes like

  "" "handover 2 " "power budget hysteresis"
  = "handover 2 power budget hysteresis"

But how about "handover2 min-free-slots tch-f"?
IIUC this should become

  "handover2 min-free-slots tch-f" "handover2 " "min-free-slots tch/f"
  = "handover2 min-free-slots tch-fhandover2 min-free-slots tch/f" 
PS6, Line 114: 		cmd->reply = talloc_asprintf(cmd, "%s", #DEFAULT_VAL); \
(we would usually also put { } around the else-scope)

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