Change in libosmocore[master]: stats: send real last value if no new values come

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Fri Aug 20 11:49:17 UTC 2021

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Change subject: stats: send real last value if no new values come

Patch Set 4:

> Patch Set 4:
> copying my comments from chat:
> now i still disagree with the way the patch implements it, because it adds state
> there is a bool stats_last_sent_was_max, and IIUC this can only be used from the stats reporter?
> there is a comment claiming that the stat_items can be used from multiple consumers without interfering with each others' state
> IIUC before the patch we report:
> 42, nothing, nothing, nothing...
> after the patch we report:
> 42, 23, nothing, nothing
> I suggest that instead we report:
> 42, 23, 23, 23

That is what "flush period 1" does (send unchanged stats every reporting period)
Setting "flush period 0" disables sending stats that did not change

> because that does not need any state
> (besides the 'next_id' that is already there)

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