Change in osmo-mgw[master]: mgcp_client: allow to reset endpoints on startup

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Mon Aug 2 11:08:55 UTC 2021

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Change subject: mgcp_client: allow to reset endpoints on startup

Patch Set 8:

File src/libosmo-mgcp-client/mgcp_client.c: 
PS7, Line 912: }
> moving this function seems like an unrelated change, maybe put it in a separate commit?
Its not unrelated, I need this function in mgcp_client_connect now, which is more up. That is why I moved it. 
PS7, Line 856: Fromat
> Format
File src/libosmo-mgcp-client/mgcp_client_vty.c: 
PS7, Line 178: 	for (i = 0; i < strlen(argv[0]); i++) {
> How about, instead of the for and if: […]
PS7, Line 193: 		return CMD_WARNING;
> reset_ep is not deallocated in this code path
PS7, Line 204:       MGW_STR "emove an endpoint name from the reset-endpoint list, e.g. 'rtpbridge/*'\n"
> "emove -> "remove

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