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Ingo Jürgensmann ij at amigaxess.de
Sun Oct 20 21:14:20 UTC 2019

Am 20.10.2019 um 22:46 schrieb Harald Welte <laforge at osmocom.org>:

> On Sun, Oct 20, 2019 at 05:59:31PM +0200, Christian Berger wrote:
>> Just as a question/idea: Will the modem banks/PBX be connected to the POC?
>> (e.g. via SIP/RTP)
> There is currently no plan for that.  As the POC is all-IP these days, I don't
> have particularly high hopes regarding how well it can carry Modem communication,
> with all the jitter that's going on.  A few years ago, the POC was still entirely
> ISDN based, but those days are over :/

Well, not really modem-related, but I can report that using FAX via IP-based connections (via satellite connections and SIP) is mostly working. It’s „mostly“ with some restrictions that means: it is not 100% reliable and depends on many factors. 

But I also used two Zyxel U1496E modems with my Amiga&Linux box like this: 
- both modems connected to the analogue ports of the local Fritzbox
- one modem registered via VPN to a phone number at my parents home (Fritzbox) 
- dialing from local phone number to remote phone number & vice versa
- connection rates were like 4800, 9600, 14000 or even 16800 baud, sometime no connect

So, basically it is working. Cisco documentation for fax setup in voice routers states that no more than 14.4k is supported. 

It would be nice to gather some more experience on 36c3 with modem connections via IP connections.  

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