tcxo calibration / pps signal catch problem / end of burst does not work

alex korolev nik135 at
Tue Feb 4 11:57:04 UTC 2014

 Hello, All!

1. I'm also (as Andrew Back) interested about calibration methods, but  I can not find calibration technology description.
How i can calibate device?

2. test_pps_input program failed with message:

Using Device: Single USRP:
  Device: UmTRX Device
  Mboard 0: UMTRX-REV0
  RX Channel: 0
    RX DSP: 0
    RX Dboard: A
    RX Subdev: LMS6002D (0xfa07) - 0
  TX Channel: 0
    TX DSP: 0
    TX Dboard: A
    TX Subdev: LMS6002D (0xfa09) - 0

Attempt to detect the PPS and set the time...

--     1) catch time transition at pps edge
Error: RuntimeError: Board 0 may not be getting a PPS signal!
No PPS detected within the time interval.
See the application notes for your device.

Where i can get information about pps signal state and gps lock? (from device)

3. I found that eob (end of burst) metadata does not work, signal at  spectrum analyzer is present, after sendind eob.
How i can mute tx?
thanks for answers ! :-)

С уважением,
alex korolev
nik135 at
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