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Tue May 21 07:11:56 UTC 2013

Hi Yaniv,

I'm not very familiar with Microblaze, but I'll try to help.

There are several possible reasons:

   - SRAM cannot run at a higher frequency than Microblaze. So you need to
   reduce the SRAM Clock to 52 MHz or speed up Microblaze core to 104Mhz (for
   UmTRX boards).
   - Endianess. MicroBlaze is Big endian and SRAM (IS61NLP25672) follow
   little Endian so need to assign Buses in inverted order. e.g:: address11 to
   address0 and adress10 to adress1 and so on ... also applying this for data,
   bank and DQM busses.
   - Issue of latching edge. SRAM datasheet says to latch data at positive

Andrew Karpenkov

2013/5/21 Yaniv Shiber <yanivshiber at>

> Hi All,
> I wish to work with the Synchronize Sram and to connect it to the FPGA
> Microblaze.
> Does anyone was able to use and communicate with the SRAM?
> If so, can U help with the configuration of the EMC?
> I read the EMC datasheet and they describe different way for connecting
> the EMC with the SRAM. Maybe U know on a problem when working with SRAM?
> thanks in advance,
> Yaniv
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