Umtrx meeting in Paris :)

stephane at stephane at
Mon May 6 08:10:58 UTC 2013

Hello team,

I met in Paris with Jean-Samuel last Friday. We talked among other
things about handover in OpenBTS and I wanted to share some of our ideas
with you.

Note: this is my recollection of things, if I misreported something it's
my fault. :}

# Handling SIP intricacies outside of OpenBTS

We both agreed that it is better/simpler to keep the complexity of SIP
protocol out of OpenBTS. There are already very good platforms that can
hide the intricacies of SIP from OpenBTS (FreeSwitch, Asterisk, OpenSIPS
B2BUA, etc.). The alternative (implementing a complete, compliant B2BUA
SIP stack inside OpenBTS) seems difficult (complete rewrite using e.g.
sofia-sip) and doesn't help with time-to-market.

We also both enjoy the "GSM handset looks like a SIP endpoint" analogy
that is the basis of OpenBTS and would like to keep the OpenBTS
GSM-to-SIP interface as transparent as possible.

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