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I have a question about the ideal RSSI Noise. I am testing the UMTRX and
have the following obeservation:

when I type noise with the default setup of RX GAin 47. the RSSI noise is
-26dB and when i change the noise to RX Gain 0. the RSSI noise goes down to

Which is the better option? as I understand the lower the noise floor the
better. Now if I install my Duplexer, LNA and BPF my noise goise up to
-16dB. Is this okay or should I trim the RX gain? What is the ideal RSSI


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> On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 6:28 PM, joel yabut <joel at> wrote:
> > May i know the following specs
> > 1. What is the tx and rx isolation of umtrx?
> > 2. What is the power output in dbm of your umtrx?
> Andrey Sviyazov will comment on this.
> > 3. How is the lna on the rx input and is an external lna and bpf
> > recommended?
> For Fairwaves 10W base stations we're developing UmSEL, which has
> channel filter and an additional LNA. For the use without amplifier
> you don't need any additional filters or LNAs.
> > 4. What is the main advantage of umtrx compared to usrp by ettus?
> If you want to use it for GSM, then it's cheaper and gives you
> dual-channel support.
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