Crash of UmTRX transceiver with dual TRX

Andreas Eversberg andreas at
Mon Jul 8 20:01:48 UTC 2013

Alexander Chemeris wrote:
> And this leads us to the question that POWEROFF in the umtrx_dual_test
> is not implemented at all.
> Thomas, could you please rebase the umtrx_dual_test onto the recent
> "fairwaves/master" branch? The DriveLoop/Transceiver split breaks a
> number of patches and it would be better if you do it yourself.
oops, i did a mistake. even single trx support never supported poweroff. 
the reason why it worked for me is that i send "SETTSC" and "SETBSIC" 
commands to the transceiver. (calypso-bts requires "SETBSIC" because it 
generates SCH itself). because one of these commands will fail, osmo-bts 
ignores the response, so it does for "SETTSC".

i think it is not a clean solution to send both commands and ignore the 
result. the "POWEROFF" should shutdown transmitter, stop receiving and 
allow "SETTSC" (even with different value) again.

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