Srdjan Milenkovic s.milenkovic at
Tue Sep 25 10:41:54 UTC 2012


VCOREG is in fact on chip LDO which takes 3.3V and generates 1.8V for 
VCOs supply. However, we do not recommend internal VCO 1.8V regulators 
to be used as they are more noisy than the external ones. Hence, by 
default internal regulators are powered down and bypassed so clean 
external 1.8V can be supplied via the chip pins.

On 25/09/2012 05:19, Alexander Chemeris wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Could anyone tell me, the software guy, what may be the purpose of
> VCOREG block in LMS6002D (Figure 3.4 at the Programming Guide)? In our
> current code it's always powered down and not used, and I just wonder
> whether it could be used for frequency hopping and what are other
> potential uses. If I understand correctly, it's a kind of fine tuning
> for the PLL output frequency.

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