UmTRX Digest, Vol 4, Issue 45

Darby darbysgoodies at
Wed Oct 31 22:03:19 UTC 2012

No reason except the fact I don't like noisy fans. :)

Seriously speaking - it's just easier to find a case without a fan
from what I see. But if someone find or design a good case with a fan
- we'll use it.

lol   I hear ya, Im just thinking with that seemingly minimal amount
of heat (that many BTU's this would raise the temp of a us gal of
water by 8.2f, or a liter of water by ~17c), it shouldent really make
too much of a difference to have a rectangular case thats enclosed &
has a few holes punched in it...

To my knowledge, theres no special cooling considerations taken into
account for any of the USRP's?

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