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Sun Oct 28 19:31:30 UTC 2012

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Alexander Chemeris
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> Hi Darby,
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:08 PM, Darby <darbysgoodies at> wrote:
>>> 1. Power supply, 12V-18V DC, >=20W.
>>> I think it's easier to find a PSU with a standard round DC connector,
>>> like this one and thus we need a converter cable to our Molex power
>>> connector.
>> Not knowing center pin polarity or exact center pin size, it seems as
>> though digikey (
>> has 348 that are 12-18v output, 10-20w, and have connectors that are
>> 2.1mm ID to 2.5mm ID
> I haven't realized that DigiKey, Avnet and others have PSU section, thanks!

Anytime  =)

>> On a side note, for power -Something that could come in useful since
>> its got ethernet, PoE?
> PoE is an option, but UmTRX require too much power for the standard
> PoE and we think that for lab usage PoE is an overkill.
Whats the total power budget? 802.3AF should be kosher with 13w at the
device, 802.3AT (PoE+) should be good up to a little over 20w

Im with you on the lab piece, Im just thinking of a seemingly
ubiquitous power source in a industrial environment -I bring this up
since so many industrial Wifi AP's (Gateworks, JJPlus, etc.) are PoE

>>> 2. Enclosure. We'd love to have a nice table-top enclosure for UmTRX,
>>> but it requires a significant effort to source, design and assemble.
>> If anyone has some preexisting case designs, there's always protocase
>> ( or Rapid sheet metal
>> ( -Im sure theres
>> plenty of other sheetmetal fabshops that will do custom work though,
>> If youre wanting to use something a bit more generic -Theres
> Interesting. Do you know similar ones in Europe? We manufacture in
> France and shipping enclosures from US doesn't look like a good idea.

Not that Im aware of, I know of protocase since they did the backblaze
storage pods & you can order anything from them in individual piece
quantities -But thats not to say that there arent plenty of others
that offer the same services, I would imagine there would be a fair
amount of places in europe that will do sheet metal enclosures -If you
want something extruded though, they might have a MoQ to make the cost
of the die fabrication feasible...?

> --
> Regards,
> Alexander Chemeris.
> CEO, Fairwaves LLC / ООО УмРадио

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