UmTRX Digest, Vol 4, Issue 35

Darby darbysgoodies at
Sun Oct 28 18:08:05 UTC 2012

1. Power supply, 12V-18V DC, >=20W.
I think it's easier to find a PSU with a standard round DC connector,
like this one and thus we need a converter cable to our Molex power

Not knowing center pin polarity or exact center pin size, it seems as
though digikey (
has 348 that are 12-18v output, 10-20w, and have connectors that are
2.1mm ID to 2.5mm ID

On a side note, for power -Something that could come in useful since
its got ethernet, PoE?

2. Enclosure. We'd love to have a nice table-top enclosure for UmTRX,
but it requires a significant effort to source, design and assemble.

If anyone has some preexisting case designs, there's always protocase
( or Rapid sheet metal
( -Im sure theres
plenty of other sheetmetal fabshops that will do custom work though,
If youre wanting to use something a bit more generic -Theres

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