The need of duplexer in low power operation

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Thu Oct 11 11:01:28 UTC 2012


> You mean bandpass filters? Are they only on Rx side or both Tx and Rx?

Yes, bandpass filters. (SAW or Ceramic, possibly both)

nanoBTS has both side. You can clearly see them here :
sysmoBTS I know has RX filters, I don't remember about TX.

> Yes, I remember that nanoBTS has patch antennas for better isolation.
> But IIRC sysmoBTS has rubber duck antennas which made me wonder how do
> they do Tx/Rx isolation.

Mine actually shipped without antennas :p

I use it with rubber duck in lab tests but I don't know if it's a
recommended configuration.



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