Problems with inaccurate assembled UmTRXv2

Andrey Sviyazov andreysviyaz at
Fri Nov 9 17:55:38 UTC 2012

Hi all.

Here are two bad news.

I got two UmTRXv2 and both with the problems of inaccurate assembling.
1st Thomas sent to me and 2nd was new and clear (say, virgin).

Thomas said about power supply symptoms few days ago.
I fixed assembling error in DC/DC - power coil (L37) was 90 degrees rotated.
It was too big surprise for me, because I replaced all components around
coil before I saw that it soldered incorrect.
Anyhow,This board began to work, but LMS2 still didn't hears SPI and didn't
Also I found that mashine lost one 0.1uF cap (C86-1) near LMS1, but it was
easily to fix.
LMS1 and all other parts, seems working fine.

Second board programmed and working, but FPGA too hot and 3.3V loaded a lot.

Seems, I have to find BGA reworking station to fix both boards finally.
Also needed new Spartan-6 FPGA for replace.
Alexander, do we have spare on hands?

Best regards,
Andrey Sviyazov.
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