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On Wed, Nov 07, 2012 at 11:04:13PM +0400, Andrey Sviyazov wrote:
> What about Pb-free for SoHo telecom equips?


Annex C Section 8 (Page 18). Lead in solders for servers, storage and
storage array systems, network infrastructure equipment for switching,
signaling, transmission as well as network management for

For the purpose of the RoHS Regulations, ‘network infrastructure
equipment for  telecommunication purposes’ is viewed by the Department
as equipment meeting one of the two following criteria:

Any system used for routing, switching, signalling, transmission, or
network management or network security; or Any system which can
simultaneously enable more than one end user terminating equipment to
connect to a network.

It is also any such system in a network, except for end user terminating
equipment such as voice terminals and facsimile machines.

This would include all servers, power suppliers, display devices
and similar electronic units that are incorporated into network
infrastructure equipment. It would also include all cables and
cable assemblies, and all connectors and connector assemblies
used to provide interconnections for network infrastructure
equipment but is not intended to include desktop or notebook
computers, telephones, fax machines or consumer – type modems or
switches etc.

As a BTS is not end-user terminating and can simultaneously enable more
than end user terminating equipment, I don't think the solder of a BTS
ever needs to be Pb-free.

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