OpenBTS with UmTRX

Thomas Tsou thomastsou at
Mon Jul 23 18:54:17 UTC 2012

Google project hosting is currently read only for network maintenance.
Here are general OpenBTS / UmTRX setup instructions. I'll post them
when write access is restored.



  git:// fairwaves/umtrx-dboard


  git:// umtrx

Follow standard build instructions.

UmTRX Setup

Configuration of the LMS6003D is through the control script
'', which is installed in '/usr/local/share/uhd/utils'.
Calibration prior to operation is strongly recommended.

Example setup for ARFCN 925:

Initialization and auto-calibration:
  ./ --lms 1 --lms-init
  ./ --lms 1 --lms-tx-enable 1
  ./ --lms 1 --lms-rx-enable 1
  ./ --lms 1 --pll-ref-clock 26e6 --lpf-bandwidth-code
0x0f --lms-auto-calibration

RX LNA and RXVGA2 selection and gain control
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x75 --data 0xf0
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x65 --data 10

TX LPF control
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x34 --data 0x3e

LO leakage cancellation (calibration data values may vary)
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x42 --data 0x67
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x43 --data 0x89

TX/RX PLL charge pump current
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x16 --data 0x93

  ./ --lms 1 --lms-rx-pll-tune 925.2e6
  ./ --lms 1 --lms-tx-pll-tune 880.2e6

TXVGA2 gain to max and enable PA
  ./ --lms 1 --reg 0x45 --data 0xc8
  ./ --lms 1 --lms-pa-on 2

Running OpenBTS

Follow standard instructions.


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