UmTRX integration into UHD

Max.Suraev at Max.Suraev at
Fri Feb 10 19:24:02 UTC 2012


Right now we're working on integrating UmTRX support into host UHD code.

The dboard_iface is obviously different from usrp2 and got to be written from scratch
(with compatible interfaces if possible).

As for plugging UmTRX into uhd::usrp::multi_usrp - there're several options in here:

1) Add support for UmTRX-specific clock and codec controllers into usrp2_impl with
boolean flag to differentiate between USRP2 and UmTRX.
2) Create dedicated "class umtrx_impl : public uhd::device" and implement codec and
clock controllers logic in there or inside UmTRX's dboard_iface.
3) Create separate lib/umtrx/* implementation without reuse\adoption of code from

What would be better option and why?

Bear in mind that the final goal is to run OpenBTS+UHD on UmTRX so we're interested
only in functions essential to OpenBTS. Though we want to keep changes to the
original code as small as possible and still reuse it as much as possible.

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