Building firmware

Andrew Karpenkov plddesigner at
Thu Dec 27 20:01:50 UTC 2012

At boot time, in USB debug port you can see such information as lms chip
version, speed of Ethernet phy, MAC and IP address of UmTRX board (and much
more, it's defined in ZPU bootloader firmware).

Another question wrt OpenBTS configuration, is it sufficient to do:
>   ./configure --with-uhd
> or does umtrx need other options (--with-resamp, --with-extref)?

OpenBTS with UmTRX board required only  --with-uhd option.

Also I assume the transceiver code is the Transceiver52M version and I
> should just do
>   cd apps
>   ln -s ../Transceiver52M/transceiver .

Yes, You're right.

Andrew Karpenkov

2012/12/27 <stephane at>

> (Not a biggy: what is the role of the "USB Debug" port?)
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