osmo-tetra: Add DMO Code

Jacek Lipkowski sq5bpf at lipkowski.org
Fri Jan 13 20:54:42 UTC 2017

On Fri, 13 Jan 2017, Harald Welte wrote:

> It would be preferable to develop related changes based on master.  The
> sq5bpf code (as you can see by recent mails on the list) is more
> experimental and (as can be seen from only looking at coding style)
> unfortuntely needs some more clean up before it can be merged.

i don't know the quality of the code, but maybe merge it into
https://github.com/sq5bpf/osmo-tetra-sq5bpf ?

i doubt you're able to write uglier code than i did, so that's not an 

this code gets regular use by hundreds of people (or rather thousands, 
many people that use it would like to stay under the radar so you won't 
hear from them), so you will hear about any bugs quick. also i will add 
support for it in telive (frontend application to 

you will also find interesting things not currently present in stock 
osmo-tetra, like fragment reassembly (useful to put long sds messages 
together), or a simple (and ugly) interface for other programs to get data 
from it.

and eventually i will try to merge all of this code into osmo-tetra (and 
clean it up beforehand). so even if you loose interest after your thesis 
is over there will be someone working on it.


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