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Fri Jan 29 12:04:50 UTC 2016

would permit try transmitting.<br><br>So if you either find a legal way to =
include the ETSI code at build time, or<br>preferable write a GPL compatibl=
e audio decoder, I think we would be happy to<br>include it in the git repo=
sitory.<br><br>cheers<br>    holger<br><br><br>Hello
 Pepijn,<br><br>On Sat, 24 Sep 2011 15:49:37 +0200, "Pepijn van den Berkhof=
" <<a ymailto=3D"mailto:vandenberkhof.pepijn at" href=3D"mailto:v=
andenberkhof.pepijn at">vandenberkhof.pepijn at</a>> wrote=
:<br>> <br>> But do you actually hear output from a real life network=
? Because I<br>> tried the examples attached to the ETSI document regard=
ing the testing<br>> of the codec. They work very nicely, but no luck on=
 real life networks<br>> so far. (yes, no encryption)<br><br>I know that=
 others have used the current code to decode speech, maybe<br>someone can c=
onfirm it.<br><br>I haven't worked with the code for a while and so can't c=
onfirm it,<br>but it has worked for me in the past.<br><br>Maybe I find the=
 time to try it within the next few weeks, if possible<br>I will also try t=
o provide a sample capture from a test TETRA network<br>so everyone can try=
 the sample. "Test TETRA Network" means from a<br>network under our
 control run in a faraday cage so that there are<br>no legal issues providi=
ng the capture.<br><br>Best regards,<br>  Dieter<br>-- <br>Dieter Spaa=
r, Germany                  &n=
bsp;        <a ymailto=3D"mailto:spaar at" h=
ref=3D"mailto:spaar at">spaar at</a><br><br=
><br><div id=3D"yiv1108789824">is that could help us for voice decoding : ?=
<br><br><a rel=3D"nofollow" target=3D"_blank" href=3D"
/d-4784.html"></a><br clear=3D"all"><br>--=
tra mailing list<br><a ymailto=3D"mailto:tetra at" href=3D"m=
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