tetra-demod.py chain pipe error

Espectro Digital jack at espectrodigital.com
Fri Apr 3 13:43:55 UTC 2015

>but it depends what you want to use rtl_sdr for. do you want it for less 
>system load, or do you want it to have remote control over the receiver. 
>in the latter case you can control gnuradio via http. i can post a 
>gnuradio flowgraph that i use for scanning tetra networks. the frequency 
>is controlled via http from a modified version of telive (scans the 
>frequencies and logs the network parameters it finds)

I want remote control over the receiver, I need change frecuency for a smooth fine tuning control with a mouse wheel or a Griffin PowerMate knob.
I'm developing a multithreading modified version of tetra-rx, this branch has 64 priority queues with the logical voice channels from Sylvain's patch, these queues (producer thread) feed another thread (the consumer) that decodes audio and send to a fork process (aplay, at present) to speaker.
Consumer thread supports wav recording (mp3 in near future) and float_to_bits and tetra codecs are integrated into the main c program.
At present, I'm using a fifo for feeding from python demodulator, but I need frecuency control for manual fine tuning and scanner modes.

My goal is making a all-in-one app programmed entirely in c and the main problem is the python demod.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards.


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