tetra decoding

Jacek Lipkowski sq5bpf at lipkowski.org
Fri Nov 21 22:30:15 UTC 2014

i've written a small patch to osmocom-tetra to send data via udp (i didn't 
want to use gsmtap), and a crappy program to display/log/record/listen 

the only interesting part for people on this list would probably be crude 
d-setup, d-release and sds decoding. also the demodulator is stripped from 
the gui, so that it can receive baseband via a unix pipe from some 
receiver (gnuradio, but could use rtl_fm probably too).

https://github.com/sq5bpf/osmo-tetra-sq5bpf - patched osmocom-tetra

https://github.com/sq5bpf/telive - crappy ncurses gui


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