Fix some ugliness

Frank A. Stevenson frank at
Mon Nov 26 18:34:13 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-11-25 at 23:29 +0100, Frank A. Stevenson wrote:
> Attached is a patch that fixes some global ugliness. The dependencies
> are a bit iffy, so you need a make clean after applying this.
> This fix needs to be in place before you decode multiple carriers. I
> would like to suggest that tetra-rx.c be changed so that it can receive
> multiplexed streams of input. Byte values of 0 / 1 will be the primary
> stream, but other values can be used to encode the multiplexed streams.
> The easiest method is to use the high order bits of the input as a
> "stream id", and dynamically create new state structs as they appear in
> the stream.
> Does this sound like a decent solution ?
>   f

I made changes such as outlined in my previous mail, which allows
tetra-rx to decode 16 carriers from a multiplexed stream. This works
quite well, but my emacs config is a bit off so I have spaces where
there ought to be tabs, and the uint16_t for GSMTAP arfcn value is a bit
mysterious, since I get arfcn 0,256,768,1024 etc :-) so I need a better
system for assigning arfcn values to the different carriers in the
multiplex. My git status is currently something like:

#	modified:   tetra-rx.c
#	modified:   tetra_common.h
#	modified:   tetra_gsmtap.c
#	modified:   tetra_gsmtap.h
#	modified:   tetra_upper_mac.c

(including the ugliness fix), so it may be better to keep the cleaned up
patch off the list when it is ready for submission. Who would like to
review the changes ?


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