USRP more than one channel demod

Edoardo Rispoli edoardo.rispoli at
Thu May 17 08:25:45 UTC 2012

Hi Martin,
i have the same problem.
In my area there is only a tetra network, but there are a lot of BS,
so from my house i receive 5 different frequencies of the same

I'm developing a little mod for the qthid that analyze if on a
frequency there is traffic, and if not, switch to the next frequency,
and continue in loop until on a frequency detect traffic.

When i finish it, i share with us.

Excuse for my bad english but i'm italian...

Edoardo IW3BTI

2012/5/17, Martin de Wendt <tetra at>:
> Hello.
> Has anyone an idea how to demodulate more than one channel per time while
> using an USRP or FCD?
> The provided bandwidth is big enough. But how the split the 25kHz channels
> into seperate streams? Any idea is welcome.
> Thx
> Martin

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