play the voice signal ?

Mccauley mccauley at
Sat Sep 24 13:37:25 UTC 2011

Apart from the codec patches for ETSI codec i cant find any other voice
decoding source code in osmocom-tetra trunk. Neither seems to have
entered you in the AUTHORS file.

FAQ on the site says:

"Can your software actually play the voice signal?

 Currently we have no support for that. However, a yet unreleased proof-of-concept version exists."

Why this secrecy for publishing source to decode unencrypted networks?.
Have osmocom been threatened by the tetra manufacturers? 
Would damage sysmocom commercial interests

> > 
> Just in case, I have sent my "proof of concept" modification
> for voice decoding to the authors of Osmocom TETRA for proper
> integration a while ago. As far as I am aware the current
> source code should be able to decode voice or at least contain
> the instructions how to do it (the ETSI reference codec is most
> certainly not included for copyright reasons).
> Best regards,
>   Dieter
> -- 
> Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at


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