play the voice signal ?

Pepijn van den Berkhof vandenberkhof.pepijn at
Sat Sep 24 13:49:37 UTC 2011


I have tried this and ran the sdecoder and cdecoder whitout any problems. But when I open the result in Audacity (8000Hz / 16-bit PCM) I just hear clicks and pops and a long beep every now and then.

I have read the ETSI document regarding the codec, so no magics :)

But do you actually hear output from a real life network? Because I tried the examples attached to the ETSI document regarding the testing of the codec. They work very nicely, but no luck on real life networks so far. (yes, no encryption)


Op 24 sep. 2011, om 14:28 heeft Dieter Spaar het volgende geschreven:

> Hello,
> Regarding questions how to use the ETSI codec: It consists of two steps,
> "cdecoder" and "sdecoder". The ouput of "sdecoder" is raw sound in signed
> 16-Bit PCM format with 8000 samples/second. For example Audacity can play
> it without problems.
> (And no, its no "magic", it just requires to read a few comment lines in
> the source code of the codec).
> Best regards,
>  Dieter
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> Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at

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