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Eddy wang918 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 04:07:47 UTC 2011

Dear All..


   Finally I can use OSMOCOM-Tetra to decode some Tetra signal by Wireshark.
But I have met some problems when speech decode the files on the mailing


1.      It's always show "0 Channel Frames processed  ie 0 Speech Frame"
message when I input a bits file(whatever converting from OSMOCOM-Tetra or
download from the mailing list providing) to "cdecoder" program.(Of course
it will output a useless "blank file".)

2.      I tried to input the sample bits files into "sdecoder" program and
it can convert a PCM file. If I use some playback programs include aplay(-f
S16_LE) to play the PCM file, there's no any readable speech. 


Does anyone can help me to check this? I don't know what point I missed.
Thank a lot!



Best Regards


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