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Hi Sylvain,
Thanks for posting it to the list, I just hit reply, I thought the list is the 
main "to" part of the reply, but now I know, I have to put reply-all instead.

What I am using GR is use the AIR interface of the TETRA in a simple way, I 
would like to create a system similar to OpenBTS to handle TETRA. The main 
problem I have is I am a pure HW design engineer and my knowledge of Linux, 
Python and high level SW is not very strong, but I am learning.

Best regards,

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> [snip] ... but wondered if
> anyone had worked on the GR porting of the code. I assume, that is not the
> case.

No that I know of.

What would be the interest exactly ?

I mean GR is great for signal processing but once you got the bits,
the rest is IMHO way better handled outside gnuradio itself. All the
phy/mac levels are no trivial and will need state processing and such
... not something I really see in GR.

Using fifo on the filesystem you can pipe directly/live the flow of
info from GR outpout to the tetra-rx input.



BTW, you forgot to CC the list in your reply. (I assume it was your
intent because of the "with everyone here" comment at the end of your

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